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In short, a joint venture is an advantageous alliance for the companies that are part of it as long as it is an association of responsibilities, rules and obligations. Secondly, a series of factors involved in a joint venture: the joint venture is an English word for cooperation between companies; “Joint” refers to a joint venture and a “venture” – In the United Kingdom, India and many common law countries, a joint venture (or a company incorporated by a group of individuals) must submit the Memorandum of Understanding to the appropriate authority. It is a legal document that informs the public of its existence. It can be consulted by the public at the place where it is deposited. A sample can be seen on [4] With the statutes, it constitutes the “constitution” of a company in these countries. Parties to EJV, CJV or WFOE establish a workable study that has been described above. It is a non-binding document – the parties have the freedom to choose not to proceed with the project. The feasibility study must cover the fundamental technical and economic aspects of the project before the parties are able to formalize the necessary legal documents. The study should provide the details that were previously discussed as part of the feasibility study [citation required] (submissions from the Chinese partner). Companies active in a joint venture often pursue long-term goals, often including research and development. Opening up to the global market also encourages many small and medium-sized enterprises to seek strategic alliances, as it simplifies production lines and reduces or even avoids market risks.

The definition of joint enterprise is very easy to understand when one approaches its terminology origin: composed of “joint” (joint, joint) and “venture” (adventure, enterprise), anglicism could be translated as “adventure or project in common”, which identifies its essential meaning. In the business world, joint ventures mean that two or more independent companies cooperate legally and economically. While maintaining their autonomy, both parties combine their efforts and resources as much as possible to achieve a particular project and achieve commercial objectives. The terms of joint ventures, joint ventures, joint ventures or joint ventures (Argentina) can be used in Spanish. Dropbox, Airbnb and Twitter are successful companies that share one thing: part of their victory is due to the application of the lean start-up method. The model uses traditional business concepts and procedures and promises more flexibility and innovation. What does Lean Startup mean in product development and corporate culture? How can you… A joint venture is an entity consisting of two or more parties and generally characterized by common ownership, common returns and risks, and common governance.

Companies generally pursue joint ventures for one of four reasons: access to a new market, particularly in emerging countries; Achieving a level of efficiency at scale by combining assets and operations; Sharing risk for large-scale investments or projects or have access to skills and skills. [1] Reuer and Leiblein`s work contradicted the assertion that joint ventures minimize the risk of decline. [2] Examples of joint ventures exist around the world.

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