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However, the commitments made by the Paris agreement in Paris remain woefully below the emissions reductions we need to limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius. A study in 2018 showed that existing commitments would result in an overall temperature increase of 3 degrees Celsius. Brazil`s cerrado ecosystem is massive, incredibly biologically diverse, and threatened by an agricultural boom. Can a new agreement between private sector players save this important global landscape? The futility of the agreement is manifested by the continued destruction of our planet. Since the signing of the agreement, global CO2 emissions have increased by about 4%. And last year, emissions from all fossil fuel sources increased: coal emissions increased by 1%, oil by 1.7% and gas by 3%. We have not even reached the peak of CO2 emissions. Many of my colleagues and I have insisted that the provisions of the agreement are not strict enough to counter the effects of global warming, but our demands have been ignored and the agreement has nevertheless been adopted. The result is a hollow agreement that, despite its perception, does nothing to address the existential threat of climate change.

In fact, that`s all, but the destruction of the world and the mass tragedy. A 2017 Yale poll showed that 69 percent of American voters (including 51% of Republicans) rejected Trump`s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord. But on Wednesday, the United States withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, the only nation that has ever done that. Urgent action is needed and we must seize unprecedented opportunities to change the course of history. The international community is preparing to make decisive decisions for the future, with unique agreements that have the power to stop catastrophic climate change and preserve biodiversity on earth. The group has finally committed to making a global promise to reduce CO2 emissions, invest in sustainable energy and minimize further environmental damage. The agreement was signed by 195 countries and was quickly hailed as a historic achievement. The climate crisis was averted, people thought at the time. The Paris Agreement, first adopted on 12 December 2015, is a non-binding voluntary commitment by nearly 200 countries to reduce CO2 emissions.

All signatories have set individual emission reduction targets to keep the planet`s climate above 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels until 2100. There are no legal consequences for Member States that do not respect the cuts they have promised. But Biden promised that if he wins the election, the United States would join the agreement “on the first day” of his term. The Paris climate agreement is a joke. And I should know that I was there when it was designed. The UN provided that no country that joined the agreement could withdraw for at least three years, and the agreement did not enter into force until 6 November 2016. Although Trump first announced in June 2017 his intention to withdraw the United States from the agreement, his administration had to wait until 2019 to take concrete action. How to act now: We make it quick, easy and affordable for fishermen to use data to manage their catches more sustainably.

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